Miami-Dade County Public Schools School Board Information
Dr. Martin Karp
School Board Member
District 3
Dr. Martin Karp - District 3
District 3
   School Board of Miami-Dade County Public Schools


Adventures in Art

American Museum of Natural History for Kids

Anatomy in Clay

Animal Land

Artifacts from Venezuelan Amazon Region

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Book Club

Book Talk

City Planners

Declaration of Independence

Digital Library


Discussion Forum, Quizzes, Science Lab

Disney Youth Education Series

Dole 5 A Day - Nutrition Education for Kids, Teachers and Parents

E-Conflict World Encyclopedia Country Information.

Earth and Sky Internet Radio

Electronic Zoo

Exciting Ecosystems

Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Fun Brain Education Site for K-8 Teachers and Kids

Fun Times Two Multiplication Games

General Reference

Get This Bug Off of Me

Go Fly a Kite

Greenwich Royal Observatory

Healthy Kids Brain Buzz

Hispanic Americans in Congress: 1822-1995


Homework Desk: Study Guides

Homework Helper

How Stuff Works- Learn How Everything Works!

Jigsaw Land Puzzles

Kids Bank

Kids in the House

Kidsnet Children's Programming

Latino Art

Lost King of the Maya

Math Word Problems for Children

Math 4 Kids - An Amusement Park of Math for Fun!

Maya Civilization

Maya Math Computer

Monster Madness

Musical Creations

Multi-Cultural Calendar

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

NASA Human SpaceFlight

National Geographic

News Magazine for Kids (Yak's Corner)

Newton's Apple (Experiments)

NOAA-Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory

Nutrition Cafe's Nutrition Sleuth

Online Quiz and Test Taking Strategies

Plant Magic

Plants (Great Plant Escape)

Rulers (Heads of State and Heads of Government)

Role Model Project for Girls

Science Affair

Science Fair Project Resource Guide


Smithsonian Institution

Sounds of the World's Animals

Starfleet Academy

Sunrise and Sunset

Time for Kids

Weekly Reader

Word Central Dictionary - Daily Buzzword - Word Games

Windows to the Universe

White House

Yuckiest Site on the Internet!



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